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Mission and Vision.

We are dedicated to creating high quality fun games and providing exciting compelling gaming experiences. We are passionate about everything we do and through our games we strive to capture the imagination of both experienced and novice gamers.

Our vision is to bring together, people from all walks of life by providing unique, entertaining social experiences through gaming.


Our first ever game BallTeaser will challenge your spatial thinking and problem solving skills. Ballteaser is a simple strategy game that involves collecting balls on an 9x9 grid.

Other Projects

Adquoter a marketplace mobile app available free to download on Android and iOS

Our team

Deft Games is primarily run by Wisdom Chikwanda, a Freelance Software Developer based in London UK.

I am a City University of London graduate with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science. With more than ten years of developer experience, I am well accomplished in developing high quality software, including games, mobile apps, websites, IOT platforms and many more.